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BenLaw Studio offering unique and personalized photography & cinematic services in Malaysia & International. We provide resourceful team to facilitate our clients need for different events or project. Please drop us an email contact@BenLawStudio.com to discuss further.
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Amour de Paris | Prewedding

We spend weeks of preparation and numerous meetings with client on flight,accomodation,local arrangement,storyboard flow,props ,gown,makeup,hairstyle and theme. I'm glad to call an end to our first oversea pre-wedding assignment with our lovely couple -Tan & Jeonine.It was a Spring season in paris ,the weather still consider cold from 9 degree - 20 degree. As for our shooting itenary ,we have  enjoyed & visit the incomparable Eiffeel tower,world-renowned Louvre musuem and Other Parisian famous sights such as Arc de Triomphe, Love Lock bridge. Overally Paris is a photogenic cities with alot of nice and artistic point of interest to be capture. The language was also a barrier to us as most of the french doesnt willing to speak english, we do came across some very helpful and some rude parisian, it would defitenely sum up as a good experience for us, as we notice how different cultural comparable to Malaysia. Sit still and hope you all like some of the highlight photos and contact us if you would like to have similiar experience for pversea prewedding shoot. more photos.

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