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Archive: April, 2013

Esly | Banker’s Club

Saturday, April 13th, 2013

a lovely couple held their wedding at  luxury colonial style Banker club ballroom. This place Host about 20-30 tables with 2 floor, the top floor  come with a balcony ,the atmosphere is very romantic with a precocktail session and piano is playing live during the session. The Night view of  Berjaya Times square & street from the window is superb as well. Couple pictures are decorated around with red & pink roses . The shooting at this place is also a challenging as the overall environment are pretty low light condition. Hope you like the result of the shoot and wish to come back here again for the next session.

Sekinchan with Jaclyn & Dunstan

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Dunstan & Jaclyn from Ben Law on Vimeo.

a little bit of flashback how it all ended up in sekinchan. This couple came to me and wanted to took some very natural photo as they spend alot time travelling around and show me how they took the photo of themselve during the trip like setting up the tripod with timer.

So i suggest them to take the photo in the airport since dunstan has been working for aviation industry then i get a funny expression from dunstan saying “noway” he already sick seeing the flight every day. At the end we conclude with the sekinchan location, to ensure a smooth shooting day alot of brainstorming and discussion putting through they also survey around sekinchan to decide which spot they prefer and we also need to choose the right season arrive as you dont want to end up they were burning the padi stalks.

During the shoot we also met friendly sekinchan people,they even borrow their house for us to change the gown and electric plug for the hairdo.
Overall the weather is cloudy and not much strong light , however we manage to get some sun light during sunset period

this collection mainly on Film Effect and HDR style since the couple like to take photos alot so it’s good to have a kind of film effect as film photo can give it a personality and a life of its own and it’s something unique to them.

Hope you enjoy it.

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ING Award

Friday, April 5th, 2013

ING Insurance Award for Top Agent

Kenny + Hui San | Noble Banquet

Friday, April 5th, 2013



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