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ING Award

Friday, April 5th, 2013

ING Insurance Award for Top Agent

Wedding Tamron Bridal Competition

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

It been a while since i last join a group shooting or any seminar /workshop. I dont really fancy with group for shooting one model, as you need to compete to get the attention of model.anyhow this times is an exception, since i just got the new D800 so decided to go have a try out what this beast can really do.

Detail of the competition.

Date: July 15,
Sun. Time: 8am-4pm
Venue: The Annexe Gallery, Hall 2, Level 2, Central Market Annexe, Jalan Hang Kasturi 50050 KL.
It was organized by Tamron with a bridal concept to encourage more tamron user to get along with each other and have a healthy shooting competition.

It was surprised to see a huge crowded  70++ photographers with 5 bridal model. I also met few old friends joining there, i also met few senior wedding master  that shoot alot film than digital to participate in this event. Ok enough of a long winded story,time to showcase some of the photos taken here hope you like it.

Baby KayShen Turn One

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Ever since baby Kayshen was a born, i have the chance to capture his baby portrait photo and glad that the sweetest,adorable family appoint me again capture the baby one year old birthday celebration.
it was shock to see 100+ guest appear in the gathering with big group of kids & friends and family came all the way to double tree hotel to celebrate this remarkable event, i’m sure the baby and the family are enjoying the party.

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